Playing the Game

Being the Keeper can be immensely rewarding; you get to make a lot of decisions about what happens during the game, present the mystery to the players, and portray numerous non-player characters and monsters. You will also be the final arbiter of how rules are applied, and this chapter contains advice and guidance intended to help you use those rules to best effect.

And Finally...

If there’s one thing you need above all others to make this game fun, it is a positive enthusiasm to make stuff up and create conflict and drama. That spark of life trumps all the rules and advice that anyone can give you on how to run a game. On its own, enthusiasm will not make you a great Keeper, but without it you will never be one. If anything in this book excited you, then focus on that. Get fired up, get excited and share that with your players so that they feel it too.

Now go and have fun!