Advice for Players

Setting the Scene

As a player of Call of Cthulhu, you take the part of an investigator, a role so-called because much of the game consists of searching for and evaluating clues and evidence. It is an accident of alphabetization that the first skill on the character sheet is Accounting, yet it is also telling that this first skill is not something like ‘Aikido’ or ‘Attack’. Investigators are not fighting machines. The single most extraordinary thing about most investigators is the knowledge they gain in the course of play.

Beneath the surface appearance of the world, hiding under the normality of life, your investigator will find a truth of terrifying proportions. The world and universe are not as we know them to be and the spaces between the stars are very dark indeed. Unknown to common man, incredibly powerful beings live or sleep amongst us. Knowledge of such matters changes people, as your investigator will find when he or she journies down paths of forgotten knowledge.

In substituting new truths for what they once believed, investigators and the characters they meet within the game begin a process that progressively corrupts their outlook, beliefs, and mental balance. Your investigator’s ultimate fate may be death or confinement in a sanatorium; however an investigator’s ultimate goal is make a stand against the encroachment of the Cthulhu Mythos upon the world of mankind.

With only your investigator and their steadfast companions you will stand against the forces and corruption of the Old Ones and their minions—for if not you, who will save mankind?